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Shadowing Guidance

Shadowing is a wonderful way for our Young Talent to get a snapshot of jobs they’re curious about. If you're arranging shadowing, here's what you need to know.

Shadowing is a wonderful way for our Young Talent to get a snapshot of jobs they’re curious about. For one day, they’ll observe what their host does, ask questions, meet people, but must not do any work.

If you sign up to host a shadowing day, we expect you to

  • have confirmed the experience with one of our Young Talent

  • commit to hosting them for a maximum of 1 work day (7 hours)

  • follow our Safeguarding guidelines. This includes supervising our Young Talent and guaranteeing they’re not left unattended in meetings

  • if the shadowing day takes place in-person, please provide a valid public liability insurance certificate covering the date in question

  • ensure that our Young Talent simply observes what you do and does not perform any work activities

  • agree to our Organisation Code of Conduct

If you’d prefer to provide a hands-on experience that lasts longer than one day, look into providing Work Experience or a paid placement instead. For more information, please click here.

Who can provide a shadowing day for an Arts Emergency Young Talent?

  • Network members can set up a shadowing day for a Young Community member they've met via the Wish List

  • current mentors for their mentees

If you do not fit the above criteria, but want to offer shadowing, please contact us

Key points to consider when tailoring a shadowing day:

  • read our work experience safeguarding guidance and our safeguarding guidance

  • go through this checklist with the young person to gauge which aspects of your job they’re curious about

  • discuss any disability or access support the young person may need

  • planning the location
    • our Young Talent should not visit your home

    • your shadowing day must be online if you’re working from home

    • consider travel constraints if hosting a young person in-person

    • consider video call platforms if it’s online

    • for freelancers, we recommend that you are in a public place where you can easily hear each other e.g., a library, museum or coffee shop

  • arrange the time and date in advance, and meet within appropriate hours i.e., we advise that you don’t speak before 8am, or after 8pm

  • check what meetings your young person can observe. (We recommend letting your colleagues know in advance!)

  • the young person you are hosting does not need to have a personalised company email address for the day as they are not doing any work

Additional requirements for in-person shadowing days

  • you must provide a tour of the facilities/building you work in. It should include essential information such as fire safety, where to locate First Aid, where the loos and kitchen are, and knowing where they can take a break

Additional requirements for online shadowing days

  • read over our safeguarding requirements for meeting online

  • If possible, avoid video calling from your bedroom. If a bedroom is the only private space, try and make your background as neutral as possible

  • before screen-sharing, ideally clear your desktop of any personal information

If you have any concerns or if an accident or misinterpretation takes place, please report this without delay via

If it’s not a safeguarding concern, who should I contact if issues arise on the day?

To speedily respond to any queries or concerns, if the Young Talent you are hosting is

How do I make a shadowing day happen?

Complete the registration form below ideally 2 weeks before your placement begins.

Our team will be in touch to let you know if it has been approved. Please ensure that you are regularly checking your emails and your junk folder. Delays in communication will prevent the shadowing day from taking place.

What happens after the shadowing day?

Once approved and the shadowing placement is complete, we will send a feedback survey for your young person to complete.

It is essential that they complete the survey as providing feedback is part of our Young Talent Code of Conduct.

If you have any further questions about shadowing, please contact our Community Team

Register your Shadowing Day

Shadowing Day Registration Form

Your Contact Details

Organisation Details

Opportunity Location

Please upload your Public Liability Insurance
Please check that the expiry date of your certificate is before the end date of the placement that you are offering. 
Young Member's Details

About your shadowing placement

 Code of Conduct for Organisations
We believe that young people not only have the right to access creative and cultural spaces but that they deserve to be treated fairly, equally and with respect in them. If you are working with Arts Emergency Young Talent we ask that you read through our Code of Conduct for Organisations carefully and carry these practices into your workplace.
Data Notice
The information collected in this form will be used solely for the purpose of organising opportunities for our young people. It will only be shared in the context of giving young people, mentors and guardians information relevant to any activities, visits or placements that are confirmed, and we will always involve you in that process.  You can read our full Privacy Policy on our website.