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We're currently recruiting mentors for 2024!

Get a coach

CLOSED. This is for Young Community members only. New for 2023! We are piloting a 10-week coaching programme for young people ages 18-25. If you’re looking for guidance on achieving more in your creative career an Arts Emergency coach could support you.

How does coaching work?

The Arts Emergency coaching programme invites our Young Community to apply with a particular project / goal in mind. We will match successful applicants with professionals working in creative industries who can coach you towards achieving your goals.

The 10 week coaching runs between 3 Jul - 8 Sep 2023. All of our coaching pairs will be matched remotely. You will meet by video call with your coach for an hour every week across the 10 weeks of the programme. Applications to get a coach closed on the 21st April.

What will you get out of it?

In your application, we will ask you to outline a project / goal you want to work on in the 10-week programme. Before you apply, have a think about what this might be.

For example:

  • you want to speak with specific arts professionals to help build your creative network

  • you are making a funding or project application and need help with the process

  • you want a better understanding of roles in your area of interest to help you know what jobs you want to pursue

  • you need help identifying what your strengths are and how you can use these to achieve your ambitions

  • you have lots of experience but need help building your CV or portfolio

As a coachee, you will be supported to explore ideas and come up with your own solutions. You will work with your coach to consider what actions and opportunities will help you achieve your project / goal. Instead of giving you answers, your coach will ask you questions that help you unlock solutions that are right for you. The coaching process can help you to gain a deeper understanding of what you are working on and build problem-solving skills towards realising your goal.

After completing your 10-week coaching you'll also get access to professional networking and development opportunities until your 26th birthday, as part of our Young Community.