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We are looking for 120 kind new monthly donors this month! Share resources. Pay it forward.

Fundraise for us

Fundraising for us makes a huge difference to our work, and there are lots of creative ways that you could do it

Our passionate and kindhearted supporters have fundraised for us in lots of creative ways, and our work would not be possible without it!

When you raise money for us, you can expect our support and advice, shout-outs on social media, and our undying love. You’ll also receive a thank you pack in the post to show our gratitude, and you can get updates from us on where your money goes.

If you want to or are fundraising for us now, get in contact with our Director of Fundraising and Marketing Lucy. We can give you access to our fundraising kit and resources, and tell our network about what you’re up to!

Got your plan in place already, or want to set up a page now? We recommend using GoFundMe, and all the money that you raise will come through to us automatically. If you’ve got money to give in a different way, please get in touch with our team.

Person with their yellow bike leaning against them holds up their medal and an arts emergency packet in a busy park.
Christian raised money by doing the Prudential RideLondon in 2019.

Looking for fundraising ideas?

Challenge event - do something out of the ordinary, and get people to sponsor you for your achievement!

  • Sports or physical feats - climb a mountain, play 18 holes, or eat a whole bunch of ferrero rocher chocolates!

  • Gaming - if you’re streaming on Twitch you can fundraise for us directly with Tiltify!

  • Anything else you can think of! We’ve had people do a virtual row across the Irish Sea, organise a charity football match, or take part in events like the Great North Run

Donate proceeds from your art or small business

  • Some of our amazing supporters donate a percentage of their business sales, or an amount per item bought. You can see them on our Good Gift Guide

Celebrations - we’d love to celebrate your special occasions with you!

  • You could set up a birthday fundraiser for us on Facebook, Instagram, or another site

  • Or choose us as your charity for a wedding or any other occasion - get in touch with us for more details or ideas on how to incorporate this

Events - whether you’re organising a music concert, comedy night, or a book festival, you could use it as an opportunity to let people know about our work

  • Donate a percentage of ticket sales to us

  • Have a collection bucket

  • Ask us to come and speak as part of your event - we are friendly and love talking about what people can do to change the game in the arts

  • If you’re in our network, you can also give free tickets to our young community through the Ruby Ticket scheme

Social Media

  • If you use Instagram you can set up a fundraiser on a post, a reel or go live and encourage your followers to join in the giving party! If you do this don't forget to tag us so we know it's happening and can send you a proper thank you!

Other opportunities

  • Through My Cause, you can donate a few hours of your time at a UK festival and they’ll donate to us in return. Go to their website for more information