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Share an Opportunity

Help us support the next generation by sharing your opportunities, job adverts, tickets, gifts and more with our Young Talent.

Every month we share a wide range of free opportunities with hundreds of Arts Emergency young people via our newsletters. These opportunities include:

  • Educational & Development Opportunities - We’d love to share information about bursaries, traineeships, free courses, free workshops, and scholarships.
  • Adverts for Paid Jobs - We’re always looking to advertise freelance jobs, entry level positions, internships and commissions. Please note that we will only share job roles that are at least Living Wage or the average freelance rate for your industry.
  • Bespoke Job Opportunities for Arts Emergency - We’re also open to working with organisations who want to create paid job opportunities specifically for Arts Emergency Young Talent, such as entry level positions, commissions and internships. Please note that we require bespoke internships to run for 3 weeks minimum. Learn more about how we work.
  • Gifts - Our young people love to receive art materials, equipment, books and vouchers. Please note that we cannot accept gifts that cost over £50 each, perishable goods or physically large gifts. If you have offered to donate a physical gift that we have accepted, please send it to Arts Emergency, Unit 3, 8 Woodberry Down, London N4 2TG. Please read our gift guidance policy for more information.
  • Ruby Tickets - Through our Ruby Ticket Scheme we advertise free tickets to our Young Community members and mentors and allocate them fairly. We’ll then provide your venue with a guest list and encourage our young people to write reviews. Click here to learn more.
  • Free Events and Ticket Discount codes - We’ll also happily share links to discount codes for paid events and advertise free events.

How to share an Opportunity

Only registered Arts Emergency Network members can share opportunities in our newsletter. If you are already a Network member and would like to share an opportunity, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. If you are not a Network member please join before sharing your opportunity.

Our newsletter is sent out on the 1st of every month, so please make sure you have sent us your opportunity in time otherwise we can’t guarantee it will be included.

  • Educational/Development Opportunities & Job adverts: Please fill the form in before the 27th of the month. When we are closed over Christmas, please send us your opportunity by 3rd January.

  • Tickets: Please fill the form in before the 27th. However, if you are donating Ruby Tickets for an event that is in the first week of the month please let us know about it 5 weeks in advance.

  • Bespoke job opportunity: please send it to us at least 4 weeks before a newsletter.

  • Gifts: there's no deadline!

If you miss a deadline and you just want to share an opportunity that is not a Ruby Ticket or bespoke opportunity, please complete the form because we may be able to share your opportunity with our young people via our Young Community Discord.

Fill in this form to share your opportunity

Share an Opportunity

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Organisation Details

What type of opportunity would you like to share?
Please read the text above this form if you want to learn about what kind of opportunities we share.

Please note that if you offer a bespoke paid opportunity you must be able to provide a valid employers liability insurance certificate. 

If you have any issues using this form please contact us at
Bespoke Paid Jobs

Our Community Team will be in touch to discuss your form submission. Please note that if you want deliver bespoke paid job opportunities with us we ask you to:

  • to let us know how far along are you in the planning 
  • provide an opportunity where the pay is at least your area’s Living Wage or the average freelance rate for your industry 
  • work with us to create an application process that is accessible 
  • let us know what pastoral care will be in place 
  • email the rejected applicants and offer short feedback. 
Please also note that the minimum length that we require bespoke internships to run for is 3 weeks. If you would like to offer a paid placement that is less than 2 weeks or less please see our work experience programme.  
Careers Opportunity Details

Upload your Employers Liability Insurance Certificate

Code of Conduct
Our code of conduct for organisations outlines the conduct Arts Emergency expects from all organisations we work with, whether the work is in person, online, paid or a work experience placement. These guidelines are to help your organisation treat young people fairly, with the respect and care they deserve. Please read our Organisation Code of conduct here. 

Data Statement

Opportunity Details

Gift Policy

Gift restrictions

Arts Emergency reserves the right to not accept a gift if the offer is inappropriate or where staff capacity to process said gift/s becomes an issue. We cannot accept the following gifts:
  • gifts that cost over £50 each
  • perishable goods
  • physically large gifts
  • anything that cost more than £10 to forward on in the post 
  • licences for software (this includes phone apps)

Processing and Distributing Gifts

All donations to Arts Emergency must be processed and recorded by Arts Emergency staff. 

Arts Emergency will accept gifts and pass on to young members on their behalf. This process exists so that our young members can receive gifts without having to disclose their address to network members. If we are offered a laptop or something of high monetary value, we will give the gift out to our young talent via an online lottery.

Sending physical gifts

If you have a physical gift that we have formally accepted and need to mail it to us, please send gift/s to this address: Arts Emergency, Unit W3, 8 Woodberry Down, London, N4 2TG

So that we can ensure a staff member is present to receive delivery, please let us know when you post your gift and estimated date of delivery by emailing community@arts-emergency.orgPlease note that we are not liable for content on donated technology or the breakage of technology during transit. Please also note that we will not be able to reimburse you for the cost of any postage and packaging. 

Sending e-vouchers 

If you have purchased an e-voucher for one of our young people, please email it to

Gift Details
If you would like to respond to multiple requests, please click "Add another response".

Please ensure the value of each item is not over £50.00 each.

Ruby Ticket Scheme
Through our Ruby Ticket Scheme we advertise the tickets to our Young Community members and mentors and allocate them fairly. We’ll then provide your venue with a guest list and encourage our young people to write reviews. Click here to learn more. Network members who offer a gifted tickets in support of a young person will be required to have read and agree to follow the rules outlined in our policy on gift giving. 

Ticket Details

Data Statement

If you have any issues using this form please contact us at