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We are looking for 120 kind new monthly donors this month! Share resources. Pay it forward.

Donate today

In the face of a decade of austerity and pandemics, our grassroots community movement carves out space for young working class & marginalised artists, actors, writers, musicians, activists, and academics.

There is so much potential here, but the chronic underfunding we've always worked with has gotten worse this past year. Our donors too are facing the same levels of precarity, so this month we're looking for 120 new monthly donors.

Can you donate £5 a month (or your equivalent!) today to help young people explore their best most aspirational selves? Thank you so much!

Fundraise for us

When you raise money for us you can expect advice, shout-outs and our enthusiastic support!

Looking for ideas on how to do it?

A banner made of material with letters on that reads 'Be generous. Now be more generous. Share your privilege'

Bursar Club

Make a life-changing contribution to the next generation of artists and thinkers.

Arts Emergency Bursars Yomi Adegoke, Sarah Perry, Ashley Pharoah, Mat Baynton
A photograph taken from above of a group of over fifty smiling mentees and mentors gathered together. Each member of the front row holds up a letter comprising the word Thank You

You're amazing!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our community of donors, whose valuable support allows us to run and support hundreds of young people across the country every year.

You're amazing!

Best practice

Arts Emergency's work is made possible through the welcome support of thousands of individuals and organisations. We strive for best practice in fundraising and are registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

We are transparent with our donors, supporters and stakeholders, ensuring that our fundraising is legal, open and honest. For more information about our ethical approach to philanthropic funding and partnerships, please read our Acceptance and Refusal of Donations Policy.