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Over 800 young people look to Arts Emergency for support, advice and opportunities.

We are a grassroots charity and rely on generous individuals who give monthly. Would you be willing to help with your own regular donation?

A young man seated across the table from his mentor covers his smile with his hands.

Join our Bursar Club

We are seeking 24 people between now and Christmas who are willing to think long term, pledge annually, and help hundreds of teenagers get the personal networks, professional contacts and industry knowledge that are so crucial to their life chances.

Join our Bursar Club

Fundraise for us

When you raise money for us you can expect advice, shout-outs and our enthusiastic support!

Looking for ideas on how to do it?

Person with their yellow bike leaning against them holds up their medal and an arts emergency packet in a busy park.

Can you help?

Please donate today to provide practical, life-changing support in a rapidly changing world. Be it a monthly gift or a one-off donation, you’ll be giving young people the best possible chance to stay on track.


of mentees have felt more positive during lockdown because of Arts Emergency's support

A photograph taken from above of a group of over fifty smiling mentees and mentors gathered together. Each member of the front row holds up a letter comprising the word Thank You

You're amazing!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our community of donors, whose valuable support allows us to run and support hundreds of young people across the country every year.

You're amazing!