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Join the team! We're currently recruiting for a London and Brighton Programmes Officer, and a Salesforce Administrator-Consultant.

Our community of writers, designers, performers, academics and activists are working together towards a more just future. Join us to support a new generation of young people and create a culture that represents us all.

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Young creatives need you

Joining our support network is a free, easy way for you to help aspiring artists and activists. We’ll send you a monthly newsletter packed full of ways you can support local young creatives, like offering advice and sharing tickets.

Young creatives need you

Share an Opportunity

Opportunities enable young people to gain experience of the industries they love. Share your job adverts, event tickets, resources and more with our Young Talent today!

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Wish List

Our Young Talent are looking for advice and opportunities. Check the list to see if you can help.

Ruby Tickets

Everyone should be able to access art and culture without financial barriers getting in the way.


‘Having regular discussions was an absolute joy. I was blown away by Joseph's talent and dedication to his craft, and I can't wait to see what he does next.’
Sophie, 2021 Mentor

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of Young Community members feel more prepared for the future since joining Arts Emergency


Arts Emergency partners with schools and colleges in London, Manchester and Merseyside to support mentoring opportunities for students aged 16-18.