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Youth Collective

Young people are at the heart of Arts Emergency. The Youth Collective ensure that young people’s voices are heard.
Members of the Youth Collective pose outside in different positions on their 2022 residential trip in Yorkshire.

Introducing the 2022-2023 Youth Collective!

  1. Chloe and Umar: Campaign & Policy Reps
  2. Sam and Amie: Community Reps for the North West
  3. Sarah and Hosanna: Community Reps for the South
  4. Freda and Maya: Social and Welfare Reps
  5. Ayah and Abbey: Project and Finance Reps

The team are made up of young people over 18 from London, Greater Manchester and Coventry.

Arts Emergency provides the Youth Collective with training and support so that they can develop their own advocacy, activism and community work. The collective meet regularly to devise projects, and represent the young people in our network.

The Youth Collective Manifesto

  1. The ‘art world’ is our world.

  2. Things can change, they have to.

  3. Artwork is heart-work.

  4. No one should go on their journey alone.

  5. Everyone has a part to play when the revolution comes.

  6. We are far more powerful when we come together. Share resources. Pay it forward.

  7. Collaboration not competition.

  8. The arts should not be closed.

  9. Creativity is not the end result. Be led by the process. Get stuck in.

  10. Art is joy.

The Making of a Manifesto. Filmed and edited by Ayah Khan

10th Birthday Festival

The 2022-2023 Youth Collective organised a festival to celebrate Arts Emergency's 10th Birthday.

Crash Culture Podcast

Inspired by the Young Community, Arts Emergency’s 2021-2022 Youth Collective produced a brand new podcast Crash Culture. Each episode explores inequalities within the arts, and how they affect real life people struggling to break into their career. Tune in to hear interviews, advice, industry top tips, and more! Hosted by Sarah, Sunnie, Mendhi, Hosanna, Benin, Ayah and Samira.

If you're interested in collaborating with the Youth Collective on an event or project please email our Community Team.