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Author David Nicholls will match donations until Christmas Eve - can you help us support 1400 young people next year?

Thank you

Arts Emergency would like to say a huge thank you to our community of donors, whose valuable support keeps us running and supporting hundreds of young people across the country every year.
A photograph taken from above of a group of over fifty smiling mentees and mentors gathered together. Each member of the front row holds up a letter comprising the word Thank You
London Mentor pairs say thank you at a Celebration Event in 2019. Photo: Lilla Nyeki.

1,850+ monthly donors who are the lifeblood of Arts Emergency

Major Donors

Andrew, Edward, Jeremy, Julia, Nicholas, Rhod, Sian, Thomas and four anonymous donors


A Year With My Camera
The Agency
Four Corners Books
Haworth Tompkins
Imaginary Friends Productions
IPJ Productions
The Line Animation
See-Saw Films
Show and Tell Productions
Wah Wah 45s
Wellcome Collection

Bursar Club

Alex, Alice, Alice, Alison, Andrew, Anna, Ashley, Barry, Bryony, Charles, Charles, Christine, Christopher, Daniel, Emily, Eve, Francesca, Hannah, Harriet, Hilary, Jack, Jack, Jack, James, Joshua, Josie, Kate, Katy, Laura, Laura, Lisa, Marcus, Mathew, Mike, Nish, Peter, Rebecca, Richard, Russell, Sam, Sara, Sarah, Scott and Tony

Plus three anonymous Bursars and one in memory of Anne and Kenneth, Muriel and Bernard

Trust and Foundations

AKO Foundation
Dischma Charitable Trust
Elizabeth & Prince Zaiger Charitable Trust
Foundation Scotland
Gaia Charitable Trust
Garfield Weston Foundation
Girdlers’ Company Charitable Trust
John Lyon's Charity
Laura Kinsella Foundation
Magenta Communities
Postcode Neighbourhood Trust
Stichting Horizon

Do something. Start small, start local, keep going.