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Keeping safe online

This guidance helps mentor pairs keep safe when working remotely online.

Mentor pairs meet once a month for about an hour. Traditionally these meetings happen face to face. Because of coronavirus and social distancing, meetings may need to take place by phone or video chat. We will review guidance for this and keep you updated. The below guidance helps mentor pairs keep safe when working remotely online.

Keeping you both safe online is our priority.

Ensure that you:
  • agree together on a platform before reaching out via a video call—consenting to participate in the video chat means that you will both be sharing your personal data online (i.e. email etc.) with the platform of your choice. Ensuring you are both comfortable with whatever platform you choose is essential. We strongly recommend Zoom, Google Meets or Skype, you can read more about how to use these platforms on their websites
  • keep video calls to the same appropriate hours that you would meet in person—for example, we would advise that you don’t speak before 8am or after 8pm
  • if possible avoid using public WiFi where connections may not be as secure as your private connection
  • if possible avoid video calling from your bedroom—if a bedroom is the only private space in the house try and make your background as neutral as possible
  • do not allow or engage in inappropriate and sexual online communications
  • do not make sexually suggestive comments, even in fun
  • do not record the video call
  • do not take screenshots of the video call
  • do not have anything that could cause offence in the background whilst on a video call—for example, pornography
  • do not have your address or significant personal details on show