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Networking with young people

So you’ve been matched with a young person, what happens next?

Code of Conduct

Before you make contact with one of our young people please make sure that you have read and signed our Code of Conduct. This behaviour code outlines the conduct Arts Emergency expects from all our staff and volunteers.

Getting in touch

If the young person is a Young Community member (over 18), you’ll receive an email from an Arts Emergency Community staff member introducing you to the young person.

If the young person is under 18, you will be introduced to their mentor. You will be expected to arrange a time between yourself, the mentee and mentor to meet virtually or in real life.


We expect networking between our Young Talent and volunteers to be done over email, video call or in person.

  • Please ask the young person what platform they feel most comfortable using.
  • Please do not interact with the young person you are introduced to over social media.
  • For real life meetings, please arrange to meet in public venues only.
  • If you are introduced to a young person under the age of 18 and you are communicating video call, a DBS’d Arts Emergency mentor or member of staff must also be included in the call.
  • Please do not exchange personal phone numbers with under 18 mentees.

After meeting

If the young person is over 18 and you would both like to keep in touch so you can provide further support, you may do so. For all communications with under 18s, a DBS’d Arts Emergency mentor or member of staff must also be included.


If you are worried about the welfare of the young person you have been introduced to, or believe that they are a victim of abuse, please contact Arts Emergency’s Designated Safeguarding Officer, Joe Burton, and report your concern using our safeguarding form.