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Coaching Resources

This is a small list of resources & models that could spark insight and growth through conversation!

Below are some coaching resources we can recommend:

  • The GROW model

This is one of the best known coaching models and is one that we always include in our Mentor and Coach training. GROW stands for Goal, Reality, Opportunity and Will and together these stages help to map out exciting pathways towards achieving goals.

Click here to read more about the GROW model in this wonderful overview by writer and podcaster Graham Allcott.

  • The CLEAR model

The World of Work Project offers a simple summary of the CLEAR coaching model. The stages of the CLEAR model are: Contract, Listen, Explore, Action, Review.

You can read more about this here, as well as checking out the WoW podcast.

  • The OSKAR Coaching model

This Solutions Focused Approach helps coachees to focus on solutions rather than problems. OSKAR stands for Outcome / Scaling / Know-How / Affirm & Action / Review.

Check out a great summary of this model on the Personal Coaching Information website.

  • The Inner Game - Timothy Gallwey

What started as an approach for coaching tennis players became a revolutionary programme for overcoming issues of self-doubt, examining motivations, and determining what success looks like for yourself. Gallwey uses the P = p - i formula: Performance equals potential minus interference.

Watch this clip to hear Gallwey share insights into his work.

  • Coaching Podcasts

There are loads of great podcasts being produced on coaching. One that we can recommend is The Coaching Crowd Podcast all about Conversation Structures in Coaching. Listen here.

  • The Coaching Connection

A selection of coaching materials developed by certified Canadian coach Dianne Pearce, including a reflection tool on the coaches in your life, useful networking questions for your coachee to ask, and the IDEAS model for coaching. Download here.

If you have other great resources to recommend, please get in touch!