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Mentor with us in 2023!

Can you spare one hour a month to help a young person get a fair start? Sign up today to build a brighter future for the arts.

Ruby Ticket Scheme

Help young people access art and culture by passing on free tickets using our Ruby Ticket Scheme.

As an organisation, you can create welcoming cultural experiences that help young people feel part of the creative community and develop their skills as cultural critics. Get involved by offering us tickets to your upcoming exhibitions, plays and gigs or register your venue as a Ruby Ticket Partner.

How does it work?

  1. If you are an Arts Emergency Network member, you can offer free tickets by completing the form below. Please send us your event with as much notice as possible, ideally a month to six weeks ahead
  2. We will ask you to read and agree to our Guidance on gift giving.
  3. We advertise the tickets to our Young Community members and mentors via a newsletter that goes out on the 1st of the month and allocate them fairly.
  4. Arts Emergency will either accept tickets and pass them on or provide your venue with a list of names and email addresses.
  5. Venues who receive guest lists from us should send confirmation emails to our young people with the ticket and any access information included the week before the event.
  6. After the event, we'll also encourage our young people to write reviews and we'll share them online.

Want to provide tickets more regularly?

Every month we organise opportunities for our young people to attend various exhibitions, shows, and events. If you work at a gallery, museum, theatre or cinema that is able to provide us tickets regularly and on request, please sign up to be a Ruby Ticket Partner below, or learn more.

Ruby Ticket Form

Ruby Ticket Donation Form

Membership Confirmation
Contact Details

Event Details

We suggest 5 - 10 pairs
Gifts Policy
Network members who offer a gifted tickets in support of a young person will be required to have read and agree to follow the rules outlined in our policy on gift giving.  
Data Protection
The information collected in this form will be used solely for the purpose of organising opportunities for our young people. It will only be shared in the context of giving young people, mentors and guardians information relevant to any activities, visits or placements that are confirmed, and we will always involve you in that process. Please read our Privacy Policy for full information on how we handle your data. 
If you have any issues using this form please contact us at