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Guidance on gift giving

Gift giving, for the purpose of supporting a young person, with a specific item or gift, is treated differently to a monetary donation to Arts Emergency.


Gift giving, for the purpose of supporting a young person, with a specific item or gift, is treated differently to a monetary donation to Arts Emergency. If someone would like to give a gift, we ask that they adhere to the guidance in this document.This guidance is intended for the Arts Emergency community and for prospective donors and their advisers, providing assurance that all young members and donors are treated equitably. This document aims to ensure that the giving and receiving process is fair and transparent, and young members are not made to feel as if they owe donors debt, or under pressure to do anything they don't feel comfortable with.

Gifts requests

At Arts Emergency, Young Talent and mentors can add requests for gifts once a month via the Arts Emergency Wish List.

Arts Emergency mentors are not permitted to give their own mentees gifts. Therefore, if a mentee requires a resource, mentors may complete a Wish List request via their mentor report on a mentee’s behalf.

Offering gifts

Network members can offer gifts to our young people via the Arts Emergency Wish List.

Network members who offer a gift in support of a young person, will be required to have read Arts Emergency’s guidance on gift giving and agree to follow the rules outlined in the document.

Gift restrictions

Arts Emergency reserves the right to not accept a gift if the offer is inappropriate or where staff capacity to process said gift/s becomes an issue.

Our young members cannot ask for or accept the following gifts:

  • gifts that cost over £50
  • perishable goods
  • physically large gifts
  • anything that costs more than £10 to forward on in the post
  • licences for software (this includes phone apps)

Processing and Distributing Gifts

All donations to Arts Emergency must be processed and recorded by Arts Emergency staff.

Arts Emergency will accept gifts and pass on to young members on their behalf. This process exists so that our young members can receive gifts without having to disclose their address to network members.

If we are offered a laptop or something of high monetary value, we will give the gift out to our young talent via an online lottery.

Sending physical gifts

If you have a physical gift that we have formally accepted and need to mail it to us, please send gift/s to this address:

Arts Emergency
Unit W3
8 Woodberry Down
N4 2TG

So that we can ensure a staff member is present to receive delivery, please let us know when you post your gift and estimated date of delivery by emailing

Please note that we are not liable for content on donated technology or the breakage of technology during transit. Please also note that we will not be able to reimburse you for the cost of any postage and packaging.

Sending e-vouchers

If you have purchased an e-voucher for one of our young people, please email it to