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Mentor reports

We kindly ask all mentors to fill in our short mentor report form after each meeting with a young person.

We use these reports to ensure we’re offering you and your mentee the best support possible and we aim to reply to every report within two weeks of hearing from you.

Please make sure to use your mentee's full name (not a nickname) and the email address that you used to register as a mentor.

Need any help or advice? Contact your Area Officer:

If your mentee is aged over 18 contact our National Project Lead, Rose.

If your mentee is based in London contact our London Programme Officer, Layemi.

If your mentee is based in Greater Manchester contact our Manchester Programme Officer, Tian.

If your mentee is based in Merseyside contact our Merseyside Programme Officer, Danny.

If you have any safeguarding concerns, you can report your concern, find advice and contact our team here.

Mentor Report

Mentor Reports

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Your Contact Details

Please use the email address that you have registered with Arts Emergency.

Please tell us the name of your nearest city.
Your Mentee's Details

Please note that this must be their real name and not a nickname.

What would you like to do?
Want to to request a work placement/ internship for your mentee? 
If you have a work placement request for your mentee, please do not make a Wish List request. Please ask your mentee to complete the work placement interest form instead of making a Wish List Request. 
Meeting Report

(i.e. was it a one to one session, where did you meet, did you meet anyone else, did you talk or do an activity)

If you have a safeguarding concern please follow the guidance outlined in the introduction.

Wish List Request

We have an amazing support network made up of over 7,000 creative and cultural professionals who’ve all volunteered to share opportunities, advice and resources with our young people. Let us know what you need and we’ll ask our Network.

On behalf of your mentee, you can request:

  • advice: a chat with a professional, specialist or member of Arts Emergency staff
  • tickets: free entry to a show/event
  • resources: books, materials or equipment

Time scale
We send Wish Lists out to the Network at the beginning of every month. Please note, it usually takes us at least one month to sort out your request.

Request Details
Rules for requesting resources
What counts as a resource?
educational books
non-fiction books
- art materials
- technical equipment

Please note that young members can only ask for up to two resources a year.  

Arts Emergency cannot process requests for the following resources: 
- resources that cost over £50   
- perishable goods,  
- physically large resources,  
- anything that cost more than £10 to forward on in the post 
- licenses for software
- Amazon vouchers 

Network Connections
Meeting arrangements  
Please note that if you request to be put in contact with a member of the Arts Emergency Network, you will be responsible for arranging the date and time of the meeting after you are connected with the network member. The Arts Emergency Community Team are not able to co-ordinate meeting logistics on your behalf. 

Online Safeguarding 
If your mentee is under 18, you will need to be cc'd in all email correspondence and present when they meet the network member.

Connection Reports
After you and your mentee meet up with someone in the network, your mentee will have to send us a connection report before they can be put in contact with someone else.
Guidance for requesting tickets
  1. Please let us know the full title of the event you would like to attend and the venue that it is taking place.
  2. Please include a link to the event in the request details if possible.
  3. Please only request tickets for events that you would like to attend within the next couple of month and not later in the year.
  4. Let your mentee know that they will be asked to provide a review about the event.
If your mentee is under 18, you will be required to accompany them to events and visits organised via the Wish List. Please make sure that you are able to do this before you submit a Wish List request

Please let us know which date(s) and times(s) you are available.

Data Protection