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Mentor reports

We kindly ask all mentors to fill in our short mentor report form after each meeting with a young person.

We use these reports to ensure we’re offering you and your mentee the best support possible and we aim to reply to every report within two weeks of hearing from a mentor.

Need any help or advice? Contact your Area Officer:

If your mentee is aged over 18 contact our Community Mentoring Executive, Aksana.

If your mentee is based in London or Thanet contact our London Programmes Officer, Hetty.

If your mentee is based in Greater Manchester contact our Manchester Programmes Officer, Tian.

If your mentee is based in Merseyside contact our Merseyside Project Coordinator, Anna.

If you have any safeguarding concerns, you can report your concern, find advice and contact our safeguarding team here.

Mentor Report

Arts Emergency Mentor Report

Please use this form to record all contact with your mentee on a monthly basis.

Please note anything below that might be a concern. If you have an urgent concern or your mentee has made a disclosure please fill out a Safeguarding Report form and contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer Carys Nelkon ASAP. The contact details are in your mentor handbook.
Your Information

Please tell us the name of your nearest city.
Meeting Information

(i.e. was it a one to one session, where did you meet, did you meet anyone else, did you talk or do an activity)

If you have a safeguarding concern please follow the guidance outlined in the introduction.