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Check-in Form

At the three, six and nine month marks of your mentoring experience, we ask that mentors & mentees both fill out a short check-in form.

We use these check-ins to better understand how your mentoring relationship is going and offer you support. The contents of the form remain private so feel free to be open and honest.

Our check-ins run for the first three weeks of May, August & November.

If you do have any safeguarding concerns, please report your concern, find advice and contact our team here.

Other touch-points:

  • Safeguarding concerns - please see our guidance on these pages and report any concerns here
  • Mentor reports - these should be filled out by mentors after every session
  • Local officers - You can always reach out to your local officer via their personal work emails, or by contacting our general email address,

Check-in Form

Mentoring Check-In

Our check-in form has now closed! You can always send the Head of Mentoring an email ( or speak with your local mentoring officer