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Ruby Ticket Reviews: Woman Hood

In November our Young Talent was given tickets to see Woman Hood at Liverpool's Homotopia Festival. Ruby Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Person on stage wearing a top that features breast and gold hot pants.
Woman Hood at Homotopia Fesival

Woman Hood was the kind of show that I personally really love. I thought that it was really funny and also touching and personable - I enjoyed how community was woven in with the use of how performer Ursula Graber interacted with the pieces of set on stage. I think it was a great addition to the Homotopia Festival and a skilful and interesting one person piece.

- Beth

I can tell there was a wider message to this performance, but i just personally would have liked it to have been a bit clearer. You could have read deep into this performance and convinced yourself it was a feminist microcosm for society, or you could have just looked at it as literally anything else as well. I appreciate this is a one woman show, and I liked the intimate environment created from the second you walked into the venue, and the sudden silences throughout the performance felt intense. It was an interesting experience, one that I have not had before, I enjoyed being challenged about what I think theatre should be.

- Doaa

The performer Ursula Graber was fantastic and threw her whole body into the performance.

Admittedly I do not go see many dance shows, but I'm glad I went out of my comfort zone. The performer Ursula Graber was fantastic and threw her whole body into the performance. I could tell everything was intentional, but my newbie dance show brain wasn't able to translate everything into meaning. The use of sound and light was really surprising and engaging.

Whilst this show wasn't accessible for a dance newcomer like me, I want to explore more dance shows, and I definitely want to go to more events Homotopia provides as we need to hear and see more queer work

- Beth

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