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Youth Collective appeal: The Art World is Our World

We need to raise £15,000 to fund our next Youth Collective cohort.

Please, if you can, donate today to fund the work of our creative, fiery and extremely intelligent leaders that make up Arts Emergency's Youth Collective.

They are integral to the next generation of this movement.

We launched the Youth Collective in 2020 to ensure that young people’s voices are amplified through our work. Members of the Collective sit on our board; they campaign on issues that matter to them; they help us recruit new team members and trustees; they push us to advance our standards for ‘best practice’ beyond the industry norm.

This wonderful group of young people have been a valuable addition to our organisation’s structure and as we kick off our second decade in existence, and set out to recruit the Collective for 2023-24, we want to expand its possibilities.

Arts Emergency staff and the Youth Collective, some sitting on the floor some standing looking at the camera and looking joyful. Photo taken at the Youth Collective's The Art World Is Our World Festival at Contact, Manchester, June 2023. Photo by Ronke Hart

The arts weren’t built to be a place for people like me to succeed or even exist. It’s only with the generosity, commitment and kindness of people like you that this lens has shifted.

So thank you to everyone who has volunteered time or knowledge, donated or even just taken a moment to recognise that we exist in this world together - The Art World is Our World!

Chloe, Youth Collective member

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