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'It made me even more certain I was heading down the right path.'

Max got one step closer to his dream job on a placement at a major advertising agency.

Why did you apply to get a mentor?

I had a passion for creative advertising but no real connections to get to where I wanted to be. When I heard about the potential to get one to one advice from someone in the exact position I was aiming for I jumped at the opportunity without thinking twice.

Was there a significant moment where things changed for you during mentoring?

Completing a two week placement at BJL, a large advertising agency in Manchester, allowed me to gain first hand knowledge of what life in the industry was truly like. It made me even more certain I was heading down the right path. The biggest obstacle I faced prior to mentoring was a lack of industry specific connections. But now I definitely feel much more confident speaking to industry professionals and my network consists of advertising students, graduates and lecturers, and the creative team at BJL.

What skills have you learnt?

I have not only learnt many industry specific skills like how to have great ideas and to stick by them but also many transferable skills like resilience when things get tough, confidence in promoting yourself to others and most importantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. That’s where all the exciting stuff happens!

What would you say to anyone thinking of becoming a mentee?

Dive straight in and don't look back, even if it's scary at first you will not regret it and by the end you’ll be in a far greater position to achieve that creative career you’ve always dreamed of.