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Arts Emergency Winter Appeal Raises over £30K!

33 New members are being welcomed into the Arts Emergency Bursar Club this year after raising funds for young people's places on our 2024 mentoring programme

Throughout December 2023 we ran an appeal to find more generous souls who are able to share their privilege and donate £1,000 to fund one young person's ten year place on our programme.

Thanks to an incredible outpouring of support and a lot of people going out of their way to raise awareness of our cause and our work, we were able to close the appeal with 33 new Bursars. This absolutely smashed our expectations, and we have been profoundly moved by the generosity of everyone who helped us raise £48,000. Given the current economic climate we specifically appealed for Bursars and asked only those who felt able to donate to do so.

The Bursar Club was founded in 2015 and in that time members have funded 192 places - that's 192 young people who gained access to real long term support, real networks, and real opportunities. Our Bursar Club is a small funding circle who pledge £83 a month or £1,000 a year (or more). Historically, this has been the average cost of supporting a young person’s ten year long place with Arts Emergency.

The group includes writers, comedians, actors, tv execs, designers, photographers and a whole host of recognisable names including Joe Lycett, Yomi Adegoke, Nish Kumar, Lolly Adefope, Michael Sheen, Miranda Hart and Rob Delaney. Businesses Plosive, Four Corners Books, and Sadie Coles HQ have also joined the club.

People can stand alongside these good people and businesses across the creative sector and join the Bursar Club via Arts Emergency’s website.

Arts Emergency is so grateful to each and every individual that contributed to the appeal. Our donors, Network members and supporters are part of a This movement has got to where it is through word of mouth. There is nothing more practical than spreading the word so huge thanks to all of you that emailed your peers, tweeted, reshared, and posted on our behalf.

The 33 new Bursars have funded 33 new places that start this month. Mentees are currently being hand matched with a trained professional working in their dream creative sector. Mentor pairs will meet in person later this month and begin their exciting journey to explore their interests, make new connections, gain experience and grow their confidence like Taralea, Kimberly and Rohan.

Arts Emergency says pursue what you love, do it for you, and we’ll support you because you are just as entitled as anyone else to live the life you want!

Thank you!

Arts Emergency Bursars Yomi Adegoke, Sarah Perry, Ashley Pharoah, Mat Baynton
Some of our Bursars with their manifesto prints.