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"By the end of our meetings [we want] to have a solid plan of what she would like to do after college and what steps she needs to take to get there."

Jess was interested in media or arts production, but wasn't keen on university, so she and her mentor worked to find the best next steps for her.

Jessica lives in Lancashire and likes to dance in her spare time. She is interested in a career in media or arts productions and wants to know as much about the industry as possible before continuing to make career decisions. She requested a mentor who understands the arts and media industry in general but is more in the production and admin side of things.

At the start of the programme Jessica was unsure of what her next steps should be. By month eight of mentoring, she had applied for and was successfully accepted onto a degree apprenticeship in marketing. Jessica said: “It was really useful to get an understanding of different platforms and that this will help when it comes to doing marketing work myself. Learning from Domino’s professional experience, she has given me confidence to apply for a degree apprenticeship".

Jessica's mentor Domino studied Fine Art at University and now owns an art events company specialising in hosting a variety of events, including arts and crafts workshops, art fairs, exhibitions etc. Below are some highlights from their meeting reports.

“Jess and I spoke about her options after college, what she is looking to do as a career and what her options may be to get there. Jess is unsure of what she wants to do and doesn't know where to start to make that decision, so we spoke about how my business grew and how I came up with the idea. She mentioned how university isn't something she wants to do but an apprenticeship may be something she'd be interested in. Jess spoke about how she was interested in media and events and how the two are interlinked. By the end of our meetings [we want] to have a solid plan of what she would like to do after college and what steps she needs to take to get there.”

“Jess wanted to hear more about the marketing side of my business, and hear what we do for our marketing. We discussed a variety of things from social media, newsletters, press releases and more. Jess is using this mentorship to help her decide what she wants to do after college and so hearing about different parts of my business is helping her think about what elements she enjoys and wants to learn more about.”

“Jess was keen to know about how I come up with ideas for the events I put on in my business, and how I take them from the ideas stage to the live event. We discussed all the logistics, planning, budgeting etc that goes into putting events on. Jess and I discussed the pros and cons of different marketing and advertising techniques on different platforms. Jess told me how she did work experience at a marketing firm and they are looking to offer her an apprenticeship.”