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We're currently recruiting mentors for 2024!

Arts Emergency mentors and mentees come together in new recruitment videos

For 2023 a group of mentors and mentees contributed their perspectives on the Arts Emergency mentoring programme to two videos encouraging new participants to join up

There really is nothing better than being guided by somebody in a career you hope to one day be in. Having somebody to open that door, welcome you in, show you around, and give you the tools you need, can be a life-changing experience.

Rather than us continuing to tell you how important mentoring is and how impactful it can be, we thought it best to handover to those for whom it is still fresh in their mind. Nine Arts Emergency mentors and mentees contributed their thoughts and perspectives on the experience on camera. Spending a year meeting monthly and pursuing hopes, dreams, and questions together has a profound impact on young people's futures, and often on their mentors' too!

Presented by Elisha, our new mentee film features Camille, Isabelle and Nana reflecting on the mentoring experience - from being able to open up to somebody who ‘gets it’, to getting opportunities and introductions to connections, to ongoing support until you turn 26 - the positive impact is clear.

Edited by Lilla Nyeki

The feeling of giving back is a big motivator for many of our mentors. Guiding a young person - even just being a willing ear to listen to them without judgement and with some experience and expertise - is incredibly rewarding, especially for those who have benefitted from similar support in their own careers.

The rewards don’t stop there - from learning about the younger generation to taking time to reflect on your own career journey, year on year we hear mentors tell us how profound and inspiring they’ve found their mentoring time. This year, Cory, Emma, David, Hannah, and Sarah share their own stories in our new film.

Video edited by Lilla Nyeki.

We're hoping these shining testimonials help convince more young people to take advantage of our services and more generous, passionate creatives to volunteer their time as mentors. We're also hoping that for those who cannot participate directly in our work, but support our goals and aims, they are evidence that what we do matters, and that it makes a difference.

Mentor registration for 2023-24 has now closed. To be first to hear when registration re-opens for 2024-25, and to help young people with advice and resources on an ad hoc basis in the meantime, join the Network today.