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We're currently recruiting mentors for 2024!

Provide the work experience you wish you'd had

Do you remember how you spent your work experience placement? Was it the most useful or the most useless week?

For the team at Arts Emergency, our placements included sorting out post and getting an assortment of paper cuts, sweeping up rubbish in a bright green uniform, being the toilet monitor in a primary school and cutting an unhappy customer out of a tight top in a changing room. Some of us spent the week sitting alone in a corner and some of our experiences totally put us off that industry FOR LIFE. Too often, work experience can be a waste of time at best and exploitative at worst.

But GOOD WORK EXPERIENCE is one of the most valuable ways for young people to boost their CV, get industry insights and make their first, real contacts. Finding quality placements can be so much harder for young people without connections in the cultural industries. This ends up excluding people from underrepresented backgrounds from getting crucial opportunities.

We are now asking for your help to create fulfilling work experience placements this summer. You can be an organisation or a freelancer, create a placement online or on-site and we'll work with you every step of the way. You can read about some of last year's remote work placements below and if you're interested check out our guidance page and fill in the form by 17 May.

Anjalee did work experience with human rights charity EachOther

"I mainly worked with the creative director and editor at EachOther, who both gave me amazing pointers about entering journalism. During my placement I conducted research into the media’s portrayal of migrants, did a Twitter takeover and wrote a piece about my experiences with colourism.

Politics definitely felt out of reach for me but now I’m more optimistic about the opportunities available and I’m more confident in my abilities."

The week has been a success. It's the first time we've facilitated a remote placement, but from feedback I have received from across the business this has been very well received, and other departments are now keen to get involved.
HR Coordinator at a publishing company

Paayal did work experience with the Empathy Museum

"I wanted to learn the ins and outs of a creative organisation, gain confidence in a professional environment, learn how creative projects are brought to life, and gain an insight into what career I would like to follow. I can now confidently say that I got so much more than I set out to achieve. My work experience was energising, engaging and informative.

I discovered the different roles at the Empathy Museum, how podcasts work, how promotions run and I even came up with marketing ideas. Working with passionate individuals (shout out to Olivia, Ed and Clare!) inspired me to keep trying new things and to stay open minded."