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Ruby Ticket Reviews: The Wild Conference

Last summer, a group of our young people were invited to attend The Conference of Holbeck Moor put on by Slung Low. Ruby Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
A video introduction to The Conference of Holbeck Moor

“The Wild Conference was honestly amazing. Having the opportunity to go to Leeds and have my ticket, accommodation and travel paid for is honestly an opportunity that never comes. I liked how the conference was outside, it gave me festival vibes. The conference covered a wide range of topics which I also liked as well, and when certain topics came up specifically related to my own experiences it was not avoided and was kind of addressed. However, I do wish there were more people of colour in the panel and in the crowd.

Also, the careers people worked in ranged a lot, and a lot were careers that I never knew existed so it was a bit hard knowing who to talk to. If there was a session for younger people between the ages of 18-25 years old I think that would have been good. Other than that it was a great experience! I really didn't want to leave and wish I could have stayed longer, or that the conference was longer so I could explore the city of Leeds as well.”

- Kimberly

“I really enjoyed this event. It made me think about so many things that I would not have thought about otherwise. This was fantastic and brilliant and I met so many people and made a lot of connections. Thank you to the Slunglow team and Arts Emergency for giving me this opportunity, and a big shout out to Carys and Lucy from Arts Emergency."

- Umar

"Really fun and educational experience. I felt really welcomed there, everyone was really friendly and made the experience more enjoyable."

- Cherie

I was especially inspired that an arts conference had invited such a range of people to come and talk, and we could tune into as many talks as we wanted through the receiver system

“I was a bit nervous before going, as I had never been to Leeds before, but when I met everyone else on the trip, I was immediately excited to make the most of the conference.

Arts Emergency and Slung Low staff were really friendly and welcoming. We were greeted with smiles and snacks! We got set up with headphones and receivers, which was a really interesting way to experience a conference. An exciting start to the schedule with Alex Barker's talk on 'How to Be More Pirate', which I enjoyed very much and inspired me to take more small bold actions.

Then I listened to a more emotional talk in a tent full of bean bags by Ben Slack on 'How writing a song can help people prepare for the end of their life', which was really moving. And I got to chat with Ben later on in the conference, which was lovely as I usually don't get to meet people after listening to a talk.

And then after some thunderstorms and running through the rain, we all enjoyed a warm dinner and cabaret performance at the Holbeck - which felt like a real treat! I especially enjoyed Keisha Thompson's singing and poetry. The next day I listened to another inspiring talk by Dean Smith and Jamie Heselden about 'Road to Recovery Runners'.
I had a great time, and there was nothing I could fault about it. I was especially inspired that an arts conference had invited such a range of people to come and talk, and we could tune into as many talks as we wanted through the receiver system.”

- Ramune

“I had an amazing time at the conference and met many wonderful people. I had the chance to learn so many new things and also expand my network and social circle. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.”

- Lauryn

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