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New Ruby Ticket scheme

We're launching the Ruby Ticket scheme to widen young people’s access to arts and cultural events across the UK.

At Arts Emergency, we believe that the ability to explore, enjoy and critique art and culture should not only be reserved for those who have the cultural and financial capital to access those spaces. This is why we want to work with change-makers within organisations to open doors to our Young Community through our new Ruby Ticket Scheme.

Over the past few years, we've been grateful to have received tickets from individual venues and the Black Ticket Project which our young people put to good use. We would now like to expand on this activity and collaborate with more organisations.

How does it work?

You can donate tickets by signing up to the Arts Emergency Network then completing a simple form. Once we’ve confirmed all the relevant details, we will advertise the tickets to our Young Community members via a newsletter that goes out on the 1st of the month and allocate them fairly. Please send us your event with as much notice as possible, ideally a month to six weeks ahead.

After the event, we will also encourage our young people to write reviews and share them online!

What kind of events are eligible for the Ruby Ticket scheme?

We are looking for tickets for a variety of cultural events. This includes but is not limited to, film screenings, music festivals, gigs, theatre shows, book readings, exhibitions, expos and panel discussions related to the arts and humanities.

How does this benefit young people who want to go into the arts and humanities?

We want to create cultural experiences and visits that help young people feel part of the creative community. We hope that these experiences will support young people to pursue their interests in the arts and humanities, as well as develop their skills as cultural critics.

Why is it called a Ruby Ticket?

The name for the scheme was inspired by the Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of OZ. We liked the fact that it represents a practical and shiny talisman that enables a young person to access a world of unlimited imagination. We hope that our Ruby Tickets will bring about similar opportunities for creative exploration.

For more information please contact our Community team at: