Arts Emergency

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No matter what you’ve achieved, somebody helped you get there and we believe it’s on all of us to give a little back. Our network is made up of over 7,000 creative and cultural professionals from across the country who offer opportunities and support to marginalised young people.

“We pulled together a group of artists, thinkers, writers, performers, and activists. We pinned up a photo of the infamous Bullingdon Club. We listed the many advantages and favours those men had had on their way to the top. We pledged to build an open access alternative to that ‘old boy’ network that dominates arts, culture and politics.”
Neil Griffiths, co-founder

To join simply fill in this short form. If you’re able to, please include a monthly donation to support the work we do. We’ll post you a handmade badge and a copy of our manifesto designed by Josie Long, so please include your postal address.