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Thank you for your interest in joining Arts Emergency!

There are hundreds of members working in TV, film, music, art, academia, law, architecture, activism, comedy, journalism, publishing, design and theatre. These wonderful volunteers have signed up to defend diversity in public life, create privilege for those without privilege and keep the doors of the university open to all.

Arts Emergency works for a world in which every young person can pursue the arts and humanities in higher education, and to contribute to the culture and society that they live in, without encountering barriers or perceived barriers relating to their social class, race, personal wealth, religion or gender.

We are a charity, and offer a free service for young people from less advantaged backgrounds who are passionate about the arts and humanities. We are dedicated to supporting the next generation of young writers, artists, dancers, academics, comedians, journalists, philosophers, actors, psychologists, musicians, architects and more through one-to-one mentoring and unique opportunities that YOU and others like you, pledge to provide.

We are currently moving to a new tech system for processing applications, and for now we would like you to simply complete the short form below. Once we’ve finished our work behind the scenes, one of us will contact you to to get all the other key info.

We also really REALLY need donations since we’ve so many volunteers we want to get active! If you wish to support us in this way, pop over to our donation page once you’ve answered the four questions below!