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'I really trusted in the advice she gave me'

Sadia's confidence grew and grew after meeting her mentor Marie, and she's now studying Photography at Falmouth University.

Arts Emergency is important to me as I don’t think I would have been able to attend university without it.

Since I started Arts Emergency I’m definitely more confident in my photography skills. I’m also more confident in myself, going to galleries on my own and asking for help when I need it.

At first my relationship with my mentor Marie was a shy one, but when we both became more comfortable a real trust developed. I felt able to ask her things and I really trusted in the advice she gave me.

If you’re thinking of applying for a mentor I’d say definitely go for it. Try and be honest, to build that trust. If you can do that you will build a strong relationship with your mentor.

It’s a charity yes, but Arts Emergency feels like a family. They are very helpful and supportive.