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How to interview the interviewers

Do you dread it when the folks who are interviewing ask you, “any questions for us?” If yes, we’ve got you!

Compared to our very handy blog on how to prepare for an interview, this resource focuses on the end bit of the job interview. Our team has come up with a list of questions which will help you figure out if the people hiring are the right fit for you.

It’s really important that you feel empowered to flip the script and have you interview the interviewers. That’s because without including the travel to your workplace, a full-time role can potentially take up to 40 hours of your life each week. It’s no surprise that your sense of self and wellbeing is impacted by who you choose to work with and the projects you take on.

So what questions should you ask the interviewers? Download our checklist or flowchart of questions to find out.