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Breakthrough Young Talent Artists

As part of our Breakthrough campaign we are excited to platform five artists from our Young Community. Our young people's ambitions ground everything we do so we wanted them to be at the heart of our first big campaign.

Jannell Adufo

Jannell (20) is from London. She is currently studying for a degree in Commercial Photography at the University of Bournemouth.

"My work fluidly crosses between the fashion and documentary genres under the umbrella of portraiture." Fitting in with her creative style, she "centres on providing a space for her subjects to exist without any boundaries or categories as that is where endless creative power lies."


A brown girl with long curly hair and a floaty pink floral top looking over her shoulder against a white wall in bright sunlight. She has a flower on her face and sunny makeup.
A storyboard section from a film with stills of blue landscape and notes.

Sam Oddie

Sam (21) is a recent graduate of Edge Hill University, he is working freelance, developing his creative practice, and looking for more permanent development opportunities.

“My film is about an experience that can sum up most of my time in lockdown for the past 18 months. In the least likely of circumstances I found myself befriending someone thousands of miles away through what else? The internet. It came with a catch, they were on the final stretch of a prison sentence and were about to go into the world for the first time as an adult. Counting down the days with them definitely gave me clarity at a really uncertain time as we both approached new beginnings in our lives.”


Gwent Odai

Gwent (22) is from London. He has studied Digital Media and Film and TV Production to MA level at Anglia Ruskin University, and is currently on an internship with Kayfabe Productions.

“These are stills taken from two student films that were made to celebrate and empower Black women of all generations, I am proud to have worked with such wonderful women in these projects and use my art to get this important message across.” You can watch Gwent's visual poem here.


A screenshot of a film showing a Black girl in a bar lit by old fashioned dim light fixtures, with posters on the walls. She stares at the camera.
Two pages of a scanned journal featuring sketchily illustrated poetry in pencil.

Maïs Bouteldja

Maïs (19) is based in Kent. They are currently working part time in the pathology department of a hospital while building a poetry portfolio and taking on various other creative projects.

“This piece is from a wider ongoing project in which I am merging poetry and visual art in a scrapbook/journal format, as I want to expand my creative abilities beyond creative writing. In particular, this work is inspired by my local town and the river Thames, as well as the feelings I experienced of being stuck and 'drowning' in the monotony of the everyday during lockdown."


Helen Hale

Helen (24) is an illustration graduate from Liverpool John Moores University, who specialises in creating objects for the purpose of photo narratives. She aims to surprise and make people laugh, by making them as absurd as possible. The narratives usually involve everyday scenarios, in order to bring a bit of excitement into mundane activities.

“My work tends to follow everyday narratives and objects, but with more texture. I enjoy creating images that will hopefully make someone laugh, or ask the question, why? What started off as a one-off faux fur balaclava, has now evolved into a full faux fur suit with a full wardrobe to match.”


A photograph of a person in a furry bodysuit and preppy clothes in front of a fireplace and mirror set in s scrapbook style frame with the handwritten caption 'first day of big school 2019'.

The artists we've been able to feature as part of this campaign are only a few of the amazing talents we have in our programme. If you would like to help us find and support even more exciting new voices, consider joining the Network and donating what you can.