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Getting Started podcast

Young Talent Sam Oddie tells us about creating his podcast series for creatives this summer.

The project began in lockdown, it was a great time to learn and try new things. It was the first time I've been able to look at other creative outlets like theatre and analogue photography. Usually, I make films so so transitioning into audio for this project was a really good challenge.

I wanted the Getting Started podcast to be a free resource for young people, to give them advice if they're considering a career in the creative industries. But rather than focusing it generally on guidance, I thought it'd be useful to hear people's stories.

Hopefully listeners can relate and see how my guests found their creative purpose or perhaps got through a struggle.

It was really important for me to ask the right questions, to get the right balance between their experiences and their opinions on how young people can develop.

I have so many favourite moments from the series, Wyllie Longmore's story was exceptional and made me really proud to highlight it. Something people won't know is that Stephen Ryan recorded his part from BBC Studios in London, on the Zoom call I could see it in the background, I got super nervous recognising it from clips from the BBC online!

Podcasts have become such a big platform over the past few years, there are lots of creative choices to be wary of.

Creating a format you're comfortable doing over and over again is important. Find a niche or something you're really passionate about and structure it the best you can to get your points right.

You'd be surprised what people would listen to with decent audio quality and some good topics!