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What we do

Arts Emergency helps young people flourish in higher education and the cultural industries. We currently run mentoring projects in London, Brighton, Manchester, and Merseyside. Our Network members offer crucial gateways into hard to crack industries like TV, publishing and architecture.


We offer 16-18 year olds who are passionate about the arts and humanities a year of free mentoring. Mentors help Young Talent set goals, explore their interests and make decisions about higher education, training and careers.

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Our volunteers have signed up to help the next generation of activists, artists and thinkers. They do this by sharing advice, opportunities and contacts. Because of them our young people can choose from a wide range of enriching activities to take part in, like set visits, theatre trips and work experience.


After a young person completes their year of mentoring and turns 18, they get to join our Young Community, where we'll support them until their 26th birthday. Young Community members can make requests for advice from our network, ask for resources and free tickets, and meet other young creatives.

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