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Share resources. Pay it forward. Give just £5 today to help build a fairer tomorrow.

Whether you enjoy creating art, writing, organising or performing, you should have the chance to make your mark. We’ll connect you with an industry mentor to support you for a whole year. Then we'll provide you with opportunities until your 26th birthday, so you can break into the field you’re passionate about.

An audience of young people in theatre seats look towards the stage, some take notes.

"I think, out of all of my decisions and choices in life, [joining Arts Emergency] is the ultimate one. Because you have no idea what you're gonna get out of it."
Rowena, Young Community member 2022

A young person with brown hair and wearing a green jumper looks engaged while listening to someone talking the them

Online Resources

Our resources will help you navigate life after school and your first steps into a new career or higher education.

Ask Arts Emergency

Any Arts Emergency Young Talent can ask us for books, art materials or technical equipment to support learning and creative development.

Young Community

As part of the Young Community, you will be able to make requests for networking, resources, free tickets, attend free events and meet other young people on their creative journeys.

Campaigning for change

Young people are at the heart of Arts Emergency. In 2020 we launched our first ever Youth Collective to ensure that young people’s voices are amplified through our work.

Campaigning for change