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Young Community Wish List

We have an amazing support network made up of over 7,000 creative and cultural professionals who’ve all volunteered to share opportunities, advice and resources with you. Let us know what you need and we’ll ask our Network once a month.

Making a request

Any Young Community member or mentee who is over 18 can make a wish once a month by completing the form below. You can request:

  • advice: a chat with a professional, specialist or member of Arts Emergency staff
  • tickets: free entry to a show/event
  • resources: vouchers for books, materials or equipment

Important things to remember

  1. We can't always fulfil every Wish List request. This is because it depends on what our Network can provide and how many responses we receive each month.
  2. It usually takes us about a month to make your wishes happen.
  3. You can only receive two resources in a year.
  4. You can't ask for or accept the following gifts:
    1. resources that cost over £50
    2. perishable goods
    3. physically large resources
    4. anything that costs more than £10 to forward on in the post
    5. licences or software (this includes phone apps)

Don't forget

As part of the Young Community you also have access to peer networking and opportunities through the newsletter:

Contact us if you have any questions:

Make a Wish List request

Young Community Wish List Requests

We send Wish Lists out to the network at the beginning of every month. Please note, it usually takes us at least one month to sort out your request.

If you have a work placement/internship related request, please complete the work placement interest form instead of making a Wish List Request. 
Contact Information

Please use the email address registered with Arts Emergency.
Make a Wish
Read the introduction of this form if you are unsure.
Guidance for requesting resources

Please note that you can only ask for up to two resources a year.  

Arts Emergency cannot process requests for the following resources:
- resources that cost over £50  
- perishable goods,  
- physically large resources,  
- anything that cost more than £10 to forward on in the post, 
- licenses for software
resources that are only available on
- Amazon Vouchers
Guidance for requesting tickets

  • Please let us know the full title of the event you would like to attend and the venue that it is taking place. 
  • Please include a link to the event in the request details if possible. 
  • Please only request tickets for events that you would like to attend within the next couple of month and not later in the year.
Guidance for Network Connections
Meeting arrangements  
Please note that if you request to be put in contact with a member of the Arts Emergency Network, you will be responsible for arranging the date and time of the meeting after you are connected with the network member. The Arts Emergency Community Team are not able to co-ordinate meeting logistics on your behalf. 

Connection Reports
After you meet up with someone in the network, you will have to send us a connection report before you can be put in contact with someone else.

Please let us know which date(s) and times(s) you are available.
Requests usually take at least 1 month to organise. If your request is time sensitive please give us a bit more info i.e. is there a particular date you need this by?

Data Protection
The information collected in this form will be used solely for the purpose of organising opportunities for our young people. It will only be shared in the context of giving young people, mentors and guardians information relevant to any activities, visits or placements that are confirmed, and we will always involve you in that process.

Privacy Policy
If you have any issues using this form please contact us at