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Young Community Wish List

Arts Emergency has an amazing support network made up of over 9,000 creative and cultural professionals who’ve all volunteered to provide advice to Young Community members.

As a member of the Young Community, you can request to be connected with a professional within the Arts Emergency Network once a month by completing the form below. Through these network connections, you can receive advice, feedback and opportunities that can support your creative, educational and professional development.

How does it work?

  1. Make a request: Every month Young Community members submit requests which we review. The Arts Emergency Community team then selects up to 12 requests to add to the Wish List.
  2. Wait for responses: The Community team emails the Wish List to our Arts Emergency Network members who respond with offers of help. This can take up to a month.
  3. Choose your network connection: We send Wish List responses to you so you can confirm who you would like to follow up with.
  4. Time to connect: We contact the Network member and then connect with you via email. You will be responsible for arranging the date and time of the meeting.
  5. Complete a Progress Report: A few weeks after you’ve been connected with a network member, you will receive an email by the Community team with a link to submit a progress report. You will have to send us a progress report before you can make any new requests.

Please note: We can't always fulfil every Wish List request. This is because it depends on what our Network can provide and how many responses we receive each month.

Need to request a resource?

You can ask us for books, art materials or technical equipment to support your learning and creative development.

If you have more questions about using the Wish List, check out our handy FAQ or feel free to send the Community team an email.

Make a Wish List request

Young Community Wish List Requests

Before you apply...
In order to be eligible to make a request you must:  
  1. Be a member of the Arts Emergency Young Community. 
  2. Have not already made a request that has yet to be processed and completed. 
  3. Have no outstanding progress reports that you need to complete. 
  4. Have no outstanding Ruby Ticket event reviews or work placement feedback that you need to submit.
  5. Have not have received a suspension notice for breaching the code of conduct.  
Please note that if you make a request and you are not eligible to do so, it will be rejected. If you are unsure about your eligibility please please email 

If you have a work placement/internship related request, please complete the work placement interest form instead of making a Wish List Request.  

Contact Information

Who would you like to be connected with?

Requests usually take at least 1 month to organise. If your request is time sensitive please give us a bit more info i.e. is there a particular date you need this by?

Data Protection
The information collected in this form will be used solely for the purpose of organising opportunities for our young people. It will only be shared in the context of giving young people, mentors and guardians information relevant to any activities, visits or placements that are confirmed, and we will always involve you in that process.

Privacy Policy
If you have any issues using this form please contact us at