Arts Emergency

Join our Bursar Club

Right now, Arts Emergency is on the tipping point of going truly national and launching hundreds more life-changing mentoring places across the UK. To make this happen we need those who can afford it to join our Bursar Club.

Over the last six years it cost on average £1,000 to cover a young person’s place at Arts Emergency from the age of 16 to 24. If you’re able to, we ask that you pledge £1,000 a year (£83 monthly) towards one young person’s place on our programme each year. There is no more direct way to pass on your privilege and passion to somebody who will really use it.

Arts Emergency is funded almost entirely by members of the public and our Bursars play a vital role in helping us to grow sustainably. What all our donors have in common is a passion for social justice and the foresight to make a meaningful contribution to the next generation of artists, writers, directors and designers.

Our Bursars enjoy invitations to an annual Bursar Club event and mentees’ end of year celebration, email updates from our co-founders and a thank you pack.


If you have any questions please contact Neil Griffiths on or call +44 (0)20 7683 1077