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Optimism is a weapon.

Help fund ten extra places on our project next year.

Apply for a mentor

Use the registration form linked below to get a year of creative mentoring!

Please note, the deadline to apply has now passed, so any further applications will not be accepted unless this has been discussed with our team beforehand.

If you would like some advice on how to approach this form and what to expect you can read our breakdown and tips.

If you have any questions or encounter any technical problems please contact

Alternative ways to apply

If you find it difficult to communicate through writing, for example if you have dyslexia, you can complete your application over the phone. Please send your name, phone number and whether you’re applying for London, Brighton, Manchester, or Merseyside to with the subject title ‘Phone Application Request’ and a member of our team will be in touch to organise a half an hour time slot to go through the application.

Application form

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We’re so happy you’d like to apply for a mentor! 
Please note, the deadline for London-based applications has passed.

Our top tips:

1. You can save your progress at any point – just click ‘Save my progress and resume later‘.
2. It’s possible to complete the form using a mobile or tablet, but you will find it easier using a computer or laptop.
3. Read through our Application Advice document here

Please contact our team on if you have any other issues filling out the form below. We are very friendly and always happy to help!

Mentoring is our original year-long programme which will run from January 2023!
Your Contact Information
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 Mentoring Preferences
What areas would you like your mentor to have knowledge of?
Choose as many as apply. If you've accidentally chosen a career area that you didn't mean to, please reload this page to clear the form and start again.

Most mentoring happens face to face, but we know that sometimes mentoring online is a better option. We would like to know your preference for mentoring, so that we can bear this in mind:

Application Route

What are you up to at the moment
If you don’t see your school/organisation on the list please go back and select ‘no'.
If you don’t see your school/organisation on the list please go back and select ‘no'.
If you don’t see your school/organisation on the list please go back and select ‘no'.
If you don’t see your school/organisation on the list please go back and select ‘no'.
What are you up to at the moment
You must be near one of these cities to participate in our Mentoring Programme
How did you hear about us?

Eligibility Criteria

We provide mentoring for young people who meet our eligibility criteria. Arts Emergency will most likely not be able to offer you a mentor if none of the statements below are relevant to you.

Please answer the questions below as accurately and honestly as you can.

If you are not sure about the answers to the questions below please speak to your teacher or a member of our team. We'd be happy to chat to you via email or phone. Please contact Arts Emergency on

If you're connected to a school we will ask your teacher to confirm the information you have submitted. If you are not connected to a school, we may request information from a reference.

Remember that you can save the form and check with a parent or guardian if you need to. It is ok if you don't know the postcode or if you moved around a lot during your childhood.

¹ Under the Equality Act 2010, you are 'disabled' or 'learning disabled' if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.


If you have a disability, a learning disability, or special educational needs, you can provide more details below. Letting us know about this information does not affect our selection process, but it allows us to better support you during the mentoring programme.

Tell us what your interests are

If selected, you will be asked to commit to meeting your mentor at least once a month for the duration of the mentoring programme. 

Guardian Information & Your Emergency Contact

In this section, we ask for the contact details of a parent, guardian or carer for the following reasons:

1. To notify them if you are matched with a mentor and to collect permissions for photography use.

2. We may also ask them to confirm that you are eligible for the programme based on the eligibility criteria you submitted in this application.

3. We can also use these details if there was ever an incident that required us to do so (you can provide a different person to contact below).

Please enter their full address:

Equality and Diversity Monitoring
Arts Emergency is committed to being an equitable and supportive Network. To help us track our progress, please complete this section. Your information is anonymous and kept strictly confidential, it will only be used to provide an analysis of our work.

Data Protection

How we use your information

The information collected in this form is used to process your application, look for a suitable mentor, and contact you about mentoring and opportunities. We won’t share it with anyone else except in cases that are essential to taking part and that you’ve agreed to, e.g. introducing you to your mentor. You can read our full Privacy Policy on our website: