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Travel Bursary Claims

Claim back your travel expenses

Please make your reimbursement claims using the form below. If you have any questions:

  • You can chat with your mentor about this process, and they may be able to help.

  • You can contact your local Mentoring Officer, and they’ll be happy to answer questions.

  • You can drop us a line on and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

To make your claim, please read through these details:

  • You must have completed the journey already. We can’t fund an upcoming journey

  • You need to upload proof of payment through our claim form. We are able to accept:
    • Photo of paper receipt / Oyster receipt (not a top-up)

    • Screenshot of online receipt

    • Screenshot of payment confirmation on email

    • Screenshot of bank statement if paid with contactless payment

Please note we are unable to accept screenshots of train times or general top-up payments. We need to be able to see the payment transaction for the specific journey

  • All travel must be related to the Arts Emergency mentoring programme. This includes:
    • Travelling to a mentor meeting or cultural place with your mentor

    • Travelling to a work placement provided through Arts Emergency

    • Travelling to an opportunity provided by Arts Emergency

If you have any questions about travel bursaries please email

Claim for your travel

Claim the money back for your travel

Young people who are taking part in our mentoring programme can claim back the cost of travelling to mentoring meetings - including trips to cultural places with your mentor - and some Arts Emergency events.

Fill out this form to claim back your travel expenses.
Young people who are not taking part in our mentoring programme can claim back the cost of travelling to some of our events. This should have been pre-agreed with a member of the team. You will need to enter the name of a team member below for the reimbursement to be processed.
Your Contact Details

Claim Details
Bank Details
This information is erased from our IT systems after the expense claim is paid. The information will continue to be held on the bank's system.

If you would prefer to provide this information directly, leave these fields blank and contact our Head of Operations & Finance, Tim, at