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Travel Bursary Claims

If you have been awarded a travel bursary, here's how you claim your expenses back.

If you have been awarded a travel bursary, you can be reimbursed up to £75 back for travel expenses related to Arts Emergency from February - July 2022.

Bursary applications covering July 2022 - January 2023 will open in June.

If you have a question please read our Travel Bursaries FAQ.

To claim a reimbursement:

  • You must have completed the journey already. We can’t fund an upcoming journey

  • The journey must have been completed within the past month

  • You need to upload proof of payment through our claim form. We are able to accept:
    • Photo of paper receipt/Oyster receipt

    • Screenshot of online receipt

    • Screenshot of payment confirmation on email

    • Screenshot of bank statement if paid with contactless payment

    • Please note we are unable to accept screenshots of train times. We need to be able to see the payment transaction

  • All travel must be related to the Arts Emergency mentoring programme. This includes:
    • Travelling to a mentor meeting

    • Travelling to a work placement provided through Arts Emergency

    • Travelling to an opportunity provided by Arts Emergency

    • Travelling to a university open day

    • If you have any questions about journeys you are able to claim for, please get in touch

  • You must input your claim by the 25th of the month.

  • You need to have sent us your bank details through the form sent via email. Please double check that these are correct.

Please only put in claims for the reasons listed above; if our team receives claims for costs outside of the reasons above/unrelated to Arts Emergency, your access to bursary funds will be reviewed and you may lose access to the bursary funds.

Claim for travel

Mentee Travel Bursary Claim Form

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If your bank details have changed since you applied for the bursary, please contact Tim at

If you have any issues using this form please contact us at