Arts Emergency

Work Experience Summer 2019

Work experience at The Globe theatre

Can you provide work experience for a talented young person this summer?

Our young people are bright, ambitious and eager to learn more about careers in the arts and humanities. We need your help to provide exciting and inspiring placements in fashion, TV, film, music, art, academia, law, architecture, activism, comedy, social work, journalism, publishing, design and theatre.

It doesn’t matter how big your organisation is, if you can offer a friendly introduction to your field for a young person we’d love to hear from you. Or please tell a friend if you know someone who could help.

Click here to submit your work experience offer.

What we need from you:
– A one day, one week or two week work placement during the school summer holidays (July to early September) in London, Manchester or Kent
– A risk assessment (we will provide you with an easy template to complete)
– Your organisation’s Employee Liability Insurance Number and Provider
– If possible, expenses to cover lunch and travel to help make the opportunity accessible for all our young people

What you can expect from us:
– We’ll aim to confirm all placements by mid June and will respond to every offer
– You’ll receive advice and support from our team in the lead up and throughout the placement
– We can set up an introductory interview/phone call so you can meet the young person ahead of time
– We’ll publicly thank all participating organisations
Click here to download our Work Experience Guide.