Arts Emergency

The Humanities and Money

A special event, ‘The Humanities and Money’, organised by Universities UK and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University, was held at The London Capital Club in the City of London to promote the value of arts and humanities subjects.

These are challenging times for the arts and for our universities. Everywhere we look it would seem that culture and its study are on the front line of the squeeze on public spending. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the proposed funding arrangements for universities in the future is the positioning of the arts, humanities and social sciences as non-priority subjects that no longer require any support from government teaching grants.

The morning of the event consisted of short contributions from a range of speakers involved in the media, arts, business and academia, including AE co-founders Neil and Josie, AE trustees Martin McQuillan and Shahidha Bari and AE contact Dan Hancox. All the inspirational talks from this power breakfast for the humanities are available here courtesy of Kingston University and Backdoor Broadcasting Company, just click on the speaker’s name and the talk will load.

Dan Hancox


Shahidha Bari


Josie Long


Neil Griffiths