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The coronavirus crisis has had a devastating impact on young people.

The past year has been hugely challenging for everyone, and young people have been particularly affected, with lower job prospects, increased inequality and uncertainty around their future. But at Arts Emergency, we're continuing to provide support on an even bigger scale than before. 87% of our Young Talent feel more prepared for the future since joining Arts Emergency.

Neil, our CEO & co-founder, wrote about our 2020 Impact Report.

We are uniquely reliant on monthly donations. Just £5 a month goes a long way to funding mentors, cultural and professional opportunities and ongoing personalised support at a time when passing it on has never mattered more.

Please help fund a life-changing programme for a rapidly changing world.

If you are a current monthly donor and would like to amend your donation amount, please get in touch. Contact our Fundraising Manager, Lucy.

A young woman stands in front of a microphone, a row of people sit watching her on stage.
Samira performs spoken word at Rich Mix. Photo courtesy Being Human Festival.

Do you want to make a life-changing contribution to young artists and activists?