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Media Consent Form

We love to celebrate the successes and achievements of our young people at Arts Emergency, which is why we often share photographs and films of our activities.

General Information

Sharing the things we do through photographs, videos, audio and written case studies helps to raise awareness of our work and ensures we can continue funding what we do and providing quality opportunities for you.

It’s important to us that we provide a safe and enjoyable experience for every young person. To help us do this, please note the following important information:

  • We will not share photographs, video or other images of young people without the consent of the young people involved and their parents or carers.
  • We recognise the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all children and young people.
  • We have written an image policy statement which sets out how photographs and videos of young people involved in our activities should be taken and shared. A copy of this is available from the website or our Marketing and Communications Manager, Rita.
  • Arts Emergency will use any video, audio or images in which young people appear in accordance with our Data Protection Policy and Safeguarding Policy. For a copy of either policy click here.
  • We will take all steps to ensure images of children are used solely for the purposes they are intended. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform our Designated Safeguarding Officer immediately

How are the images, videos, audio and quotes used?

We use images, videos, quotes and audio to help explain what Arts Emergency does and to celebrate the successes of our young people and volunteers in a range of materials. This includes (but is not limited to) leaflets, videos, posters, email newsletters, articles, website and social media posts.

How long does consent last?

Consent for Arts Emergency to use images or videos of a young person continues until they are 25, when we will contact them to reconfirm their consent.

Your consent is important to us and can be changed or withdrawn at any time by notifying Arts Emergency in writing. On your request to withdraw consent we will discuss with you what materials or circumstances you’d like to withdraw consent under and we will update our records. We cannot withdraw images, text, videos or audio that have already been published online or in print.

Please contact sukayna@arts-emergency if you have any questions, would like to see examples of how we use photographs or quotes in different ways or if you’d like to revoke your consent.

Media Consent Form

Media Consent Form

Please read the text above and fill out the form below to provide your consent either for yourself, or for a young person under your care.

Media Consent for 18+

Parent/Guardian Media Consent