Arts Emergency

Rosie Hunman

Student opportunities Co-ordinator at the National Union of Students

Studying history was a choice of the heart for me. I didn’t want to study something purely because it would help me to get a job. If I was going to spend a lot of time and money on something it had to be something I loved.

Studying history at university was an amazing experience and I just loved every part of it. During my dissertation research I was encouraged to visit the British Library to look at primary sources. It was a bit scary but my tutor encouraged me and it was such a fantastic experience, felling like a ‘real’ historian.

Gaining confidence in second year, I got involved with running the History Society. This really changed my life as now I’m successfully pursuing a career in the Student Movement.

I am offering my services to Arts Emergency because when studying for A levels and during my degree I was lucky enough to have a series of brilliant mentors who inspired me and gave me the confidence to aim high. I think everyone should be able to have access to an inspiring mentor.