Arts Emergency

Julia Voce

Theatre Maker/ Facilitator/ Clown

I alway wanted to work in theatre. Since I was a little girl. Now I do. I trained as an actor after my Arts Degree (which was an amazing time of exploration and freedom to create). I went back to studying creation through my post graduate studies at international theatre school. I am from a working class, non privilaged background; the VERY FIRST person EVER in my family to finish a University Degree EVER. I want to mentor someone into following an arts degree path because it was the foundation for my creative life which is sooooo precious to me now. And wonderful. I make theatre that tours to festivals (eight years at Bestival!), amd the founder of two theatre companies, I teach open access theatre making to adults, and I’m currently working with an Olivier Award nominated director, on a solo show which will tour the UK next year.