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James Khoury

Location Manager/ Film and TV Commercials

12 years as Location Scout/ Manager in the Film Industry. Done everything from X Men films, to comedy Tampon commercials to the Britains Hardest Bloke competition for Sky TV. Have travelled to Dubai (Top Gear Middle East) and the Cayman Islands (low budget film with Orlando Bloom) for work and Cannes Film Festival for fun. One of the best projects I’ve worked on was the Channel 4 feature, The Unloved, directed by actress Samantha Morton telling the true story about her childhood in the care system in Nottingham, which won a Bafta and was great. Every now and again, do a cameo in the film! (Playing Sam’s Mum’s boyfriend in the Unloved and an aggro Camden hooligan in a French spy movie that I worked on). At the moment, doing adverts, which means will have more time to do this, and will do only do another film only if the right project (films are HARD work).