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Jacky Rom

Drama Teacher / Agent/ Author

Jacky grew up in Romford Essex; she trained as a Hairdresser/ Makeup artiste and tried to full fill one of her first dreams of becoming a Director.
As a innocent 16 year old she went along to her careers advisor at school and told them she wanted to be a director and suggested to the advisor that she went to the “London College of Fashion” to train as a Makeup Artiste and then once she was on a film set she would make her way to becoming a Director.
(The innocent dreaming of a young girl)
The Careers advisor told her to forget her dream; she would never get into the prestigious “London College of Fashion” and certainly never become a director.
That was all the incentive she needed. Now she had to prove them wrong.
Jacky did go to the college and at the same time she became a Drama teacher.
Jacky wrote her first play when she was only 17 and has written and directed many Plays over the years. She spent many years in TV and film Studios with her own up and coming actors and it was only just over a year ago she decided to write her first book.
The Missing Extra, takes place in Pinewood Studios a studio Complex that Jacky has been to many times. Lots of her characters are taken from real life experiences of people she has met along the way.
In 2008 Jacky turned 50 and decided to take a month off from work and go and stay in the Caribbean. “But” she thought to herself “What was she going to do for a whole month”. That when she came up with the idea of writing book. That dream turned into a series of 5 books all about the adventures of an 11 yr old detective.
Jacky has now written all of the 5 books and she enjoyed every minute of the process.