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Brigitte Aphrodite

Poet/ Song writer/Comedy actress

Brigitte Aphrodite

Poet/ Song writer/Comedy actress.

I pursued a BA in the arts because it was the only subject I absolutely loved at school. I had no idea how it would pan out in the future, I just loved expressing myself through performance.
When I got to drama school (having been rejected 3 times), I found being around like-minded people who shared similar interests was like a different universe! Being guided by tutors that treated me with respect and like someone worth spending time on instead of the contempt I sometimes received at school for struggling with certain subjects (which I now know was due to severe dyslexia, not being a useless no hoper). When I went to drama school anything felt possible because I was around people that said yes… anything is possible. The peers that I met at drama school have been friends, work colleges and inspirations for life.
East 15 acting school is so dear to me as is the National Youth Theatre too. Without these establishments I would never have had the confidence to pursue a career in the arts.
I think everyone should be encouraged to have that opportunity, the chance to discover who they are and where their talents lie, through genre specific higher education.
I wanted to be a mentor because I want to share the magic that was sprinkled on me by people I met at East 15 and the NYT. I want to tell my student that you really can do anything. It’s tough if you don’t have parents that see value in university or financial backing but there is always a way (I was a tequila girl through out my university training. degrading yet essential!) I want them to know not to let any insecurities stop them from doing what their heart is screaming for. Oh and let them know that failure is cool, it makes you a more tasty human being and the path is totally long you’ve got ages and ages to be fabulous!