Arts Emergency

Bianca Ama Manu


Coming from a working class African family (it’s basically the Desmonds with added pepper) I’m very aware of the tribulations and concerns of having no contacts and trying to get experience in an industry which thrives on nepotism.

The pressure of pursing a career you are passionate about (and making sure it’s financially stable) is hard as it is, chuck in exclusivity and never ending internships and you’re sure to feel like it’s never going to be a viable career choice.

But there is hope. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with individuals and organizations that have taught me the importance and relevance of culture and arts in society. I feel it’s time I pay it back and help someone out.

I’ve just moved to Manchester to study English Literature and can’t wait to work with Arts Emergency who are the best thing since slice bread if you ask me, so get in contact, I’d love to meet you!