Arts Emergency

Alice Sanders

Audio Describer

I have always been a creative person and I was determined to follow my own path, despite any advice to the contrary from parents or teachers who thought they were being practical. I studied Classics and Philosophy at university, which are probably two of the least vocational subjects ever. I absolutely loved my time at university and I think philosophy taught me a lot about critical thinking and problem solving, as well as explorative thought, endless possibilties and lateral thinking. University also gave me the opportunity to grow up and establish myself as an adult! After I finished I wanted to do a creative job, but I didn’t really know what. I really enjoy my job audio describing for the blind as I get to watch lots of films, be creative and help people! In my spare time, I also write my own stuff, I am currently writing a novel. I am also an improviser, which is scary but exhilarating and great for forcing open those blocked creative passages, making you generate ideas and stand up and be brave. There are definitely times in my life that I have felt lost and wished for guidance. However, I absolutely believe that The Arts are a tremendously valuable thing. They are what gives life meaning, and having the opportunity to study them, and be or become who you really are is incredibly important to one’s own sanity and happiness, and ultimately to society in general.