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Our reports showcase the stories of young people who are achieving their goals in higher education and their careers. Arts Emergency's work would not be possible without the help of our Network, who champion a fairer cultural and creative sector by mentoring, donating and offering practical support.
A young person shows a publication to two women stood either side of her.
Jess shows her published writing to a member of the Arts Emergency team at a Celebration Event. Photo: Liam Charles.

2021 Impact Report

Download our 2021 Impact Report

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In 2021, we began our mentoring programme in Merseyside, launched our new Ruby Ticket scheme and welcomed five new people to the team. We shared 223 creative and cultural opportunities, and fulfilled more Wish List requests than ever before.

  • we provided 352 young people with a trained mentor
  • pairs met up for 3,084 mentoring sessions
  • we gave out 83 vouchers for essential books, art materials and tech
  • 92% of mentees feel more prepared for the future

2019 Impact Report

Download our 2019 Impact Report

In 2019, we grew our work in London and Greater Manchester. We also created a new programme to generate more opportunities for over 18s in the Young Community.

We provided 160 young people with a trained mentor for one to one support:

  • our mentees completed over 1,903 hours of mentoring
  • they were offered 217 trips and opportunities
  • 79% of mentees made professional connections during the year

Panic! Social Class, Taste and Inequalities in the Creative Industries

Download the Panic! report

In 2018, we collaborated with Create and academics from the Universities of Sheffield and Edinburgh on the Panic! Report.

The research concludes that women, people of colour and those from working-class backgrounds are significantly underrepresented across the sector.

2020 Impact Report

Download our 2020 Impact Report

Download large print version

In 2020, we mentored our biggest ever cohort of young people, and for the first time invited over 18s to apply directly for a mentor. In response to the lockdown, we pivoted our programmes online, providing more pastoral care and creative resources.

  • we provided 248 young people with a trained mentor
  • mentors offered on average an extra two sessions this year
  • we shared 372 creative and cultural opportunities
  • 94% of mentees said that Arts Emergency had a positive impact on them during lockdown

2018 Impact Report

Download our 2018 Impact Report

Our first ever impact report features mentoring success stories and contributions from some of our incredible network members like Reni Eddo-Lodge.

We provided 150 young people with a professional mentor working in their field of interest. During the year:

  • students completed over 1,800 hours of mentoring
  • they were offered 289 trips and opportunities
  • 88% of mentees stated that they felt more supported when making decisions about the future

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