Arts Emergency

The Arts Emergency Podcast

Episode 23

This month, #AEmonthly talks love, the power of positivity and putting yourself out there. With actor and former dancer Dominique Tipper, poets Debris Stevenson and Cecilia Knapp, AE student Emma Conroy and Road to Freedom founder Ra’ed Khan.

Episode 22

“Take your broken heart… make it into art.”
This month’s episode features stories of people who have taken the tough stuff in life and managed to turn it into something wonderful. With Lotte Rice, Joe Sellman-Leava, Jai Jalah, Rachael and Becca from RECLAIM and Lost Souljah.

Episode 21

A very special episode looking back on 2016 and presenting an audio guide book of the very best advice from guests who have appeared on the podcast throughout the year. There’s also a brand new poem reflecting on New Year’s Eve from Lewis Buxton, the tables are turned on Karla when gal-dem’s Antonia and Varaidzo interview her on their show and there are two mini Student Soundtracks in which mentees Seyi and Millie share the music that sums up their year.

Featuring advice from Mandem on the Wall’s Percelle Ascott and Joivan Wade, Kane Chattey, Deborah Pearson, Rhianna Dhillon, Jamz Supernova, Jamal Woon, Josie Long, Wize, Vicky Grout, Dean Atta, Himesh Patel, Elliot Barnes- Worrell and Chidera Eggerue (The Slumflower).

Episode 20

Conversations on social media, self-worth and the pressures of masculinity and femininity with actor/writer/director/spoken word artist Elliot Barnes-Worrell, AE student Millie MacIver, style blogger and visual artist Chidera Eggerue (The Slumflower) and Poet in Residence Paul Cree.

Episode 19

A tribute to inspirational teachers and mentors. With actor Himesh Patel, AE students Seyi Adaobi, Rebecca Clayden and Christopher Thomas, First Story’s Jay Bhadricha, William Fiennes and Laura Dockrill and Poet in Residence Remi Graves.

Episode 18

Dean Atta, Gabriel Green, John Parry (BIRD) and Sharan Dhaliwal (Burnt Roti) discuss finding an outlet for self-expression and the importance of this to mental health and wellbeing.

Episode 17

With stories of fearlessness from grime photographer Vicky Grout, Arts Emergency student Rebecca Clayden, social change organisation Fearless Futures and Poet in Residence Lewis Buxton.

Episode 16

Stories of Search and Discovery from producer and rapper Wize, AE student Samantha Harley-Laws, actor and spoken word artist Tom Gill and Peshkar’s Under 25s.

Episode 15

Talking Big Decisions with 17 year-old singer-songwriter Jamal Woon chats about forgoing university to pursue music full time, the Rife Magazine interns debate Brexit and comedian Josie Long talks about taking that first leap of faith.

Episode 14

With film critic Rhianna Dhillon, AE student Brandon Thorne, Arts Emergency Manchester, returning Poet In Residence Louis Antwi and DJ Jamz Supernova.

Episode 13

Life-defining moments, vulnerability and gratitude with playwright Deborah Pearson, AE student Edie Friar, Octavia Poetry Collective, Poet in Residence Rachel Long and music producer Throwing Shade.

Episode 12

What it means to be free with director Kane Chattey, gal-dem, AE student Christopher Thomas, the organisers of Bare Lit festival and Poet in Residence Louis Antwi.

Episode 11

How to tell a story with Lil Opy, Isaac and Yahya Tossio of Savvy Theatre Company, Dee Kartier, Joivan Wade and Percelle Ascott (Mandem On The Wall) and Her Story’s Alice Wroe.

Episode 10

2015 Review
With Joanna Vanderham, Clara Amfo, the Rife Magazine interns, Lyricalligraphy, Doc Brown, Amaal Said, Gary Turk, Isaiah Dreads, Young Identity, Akala, Nabil Elouahabi, Himesh Patel, Keisha Thompson, Seyi Adaobi, Hamja Ahsan, Jane Petrie, Roachee (Roll Deep), Prince Rapid and Dirty Danger (Ruff Sqwad), Cadet, Khadija Jajue, Scroobius Pip and Linson Tran.

Episode 9

The Music Special
Grime’s rising star Cadet talks trading the 9 to 5 for the pursuit of his dream and offers a lyric-writing masterclass. Arts Emergency mentee Zhaleh Bahraini provides this month’s Student Soundtrack. DJ B.Traits previews the upcoming Arts Emergency benefit gig at Oval Space. We catch up with former AE student Khadija Jajue and Manchester-based spoken word artist Nicole May is this month’s Poet in Residence.

Episode 8

With film and TV costume designer Jane Petrie, poets KidWondr, Sandra Nakagaga and Minkles, MC Roachee and Ruff Sqwad’s Prince Rapid and Dirty Danger, AE student Deborah Amoah, Poet in Residence Reece Williams and author and rapper Humble the Poet.

Episode 7

With YA fiction writer Nicole Burstein, AE student Seyi Adaobi, activist Hamja Ahsan, Poet in Residence Catherine Labiran and presenter Claira Hermet.

Episode 6

The Art & Design Special
With actor and photographer Himesh Patel, Tate Britain and Reprezent Radio, pop artist Hannah Habibi Hopkin, It’s Nice That, AE student Sarah Brittain and Poet in Residence Keisha Thompson.

Episode 5

Stories of heritage, crossing cultural boundaries and finding one’s place in the world.
With rapper Akala, AE student Arielle Caesar, DJ Neptizzle, DIY Cultures (Hamja Ahsan) and actor Nabil Elouahabi.

Episode 4

The Spoken Word Special
With poet Gary Turk, AE student Fiona Okeke, rapper Isaiah Dreads, spoken word collective Young Identity, poet and photographer Amaal Said and poet and podcaster Scroobius Pip.

Episode 3

Featuring actor and comedian Ben Bailey Smith (Doc Brown), AE student Linson Tran, activist collective OurMovement, AE founder Neil Griffiths, AE student Isatou Jagne, Poet in Residence Josh Idehen and radio presenter Mim Shaikh.

Episode 2

With AE student Khadija Jajue, radio presenter Clara Amfo, AE student Akwasi Tandoh, opera singer Cat Rogers, the Rife Magazine interns, Poet in Residence LyriCalligraphy and beatboxer Grace Savage.

Episode 1

With AE student Reme Rodgers, actor Joanna Vanderham, AE student Edward Agyenim, founder Josie Long, Poet in Residence E.S.T and comedians Phil Wang and George Fouracres.
Steve Cross and Martin Zaltz Austwick give us a preview of next month’s Social Club and student Bryony Johnson discusses James Blunt’s recent comments.