Arts Emergency

AOBN Portraits by Paul Williams


I am The Arts Emergency Service Artists in Residence for 2013/14. Once you join our network and send us a large photo Neil sends it on to me and I get to work!

I’m always amazed at how characterful and expressive the human face is, so what could possibly be better than drawing it over and over and over again? In a tweak to my usual routine I go straight to digital ‘inking’ and, in an attempt to claw myself back from the obsessive perfectionism that with digital art seduces so many, I hold the stylus a bit too high up so I have less control over the direction to produce lines with more life. I owe great thanks to my tutor, Iain Lowe, for this gem of a tip – here’s to the value of an education in the arts.

AOBN collage1

Check out this video I made which details the processes involved. Hope you like the end results!